Five Best Fishing Boats That You Can Buy

Fishing is one of the most desired activities to do with our family. On weekends, we will see entire families gathered near a river, pond, or any small body of water to enjoy their time with their loved ones. This has given rise to many small businesses like fishing tackle, picnic items, boats, food stalls etc. In this article we will give you a detailed review of the five best fishing boats that you can buy for you and your family to make your next fishing experience an extraordinary one:

1. Triton ’21 XRT


It is one of the best fishing boats in the US. It is best suited for sports. It was first introduced in 2021. It is spacious, has a high-performing hull design, a retooled top cap, etc. Apart from that, its newly improved eating makes the days of fishing more comfortable. It even has a 12-inch dual fish finder. You can add in a Pactrade Marine Boat Tracker Versatrack Adjustable drink holder to it that will help you sip on water or your favorite beverage while you drive and have fun. Its main features are: It has a  maximum power of 300 hp with a passenger holding capacity of 675 lbs. The length of the boat is 21′, the fuel capacity is 47 gallons, and it weighs around 2050 lbs with a beam of 95”.

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2. Old Town Sportsman, PDL 106


If you are looking for something of the old-school type, then the Old Town Sportsman PDL 106 is your choice since it does not have any big gas engines. It is best suited for someone who is looking for some fun. It is a pedal kayak, which enables you to do hands-free fishing. Since it does not have any heavy parts, it is very light and can be carried on top of your vehicle. This fishing boat is equipped with a lumbar support seat, three fish mount rod holders, fishing boat rod holder, a huge gear sten tank, dry storage, a non-slip EVA foam deck, and many more features which make this ship the best choice for your fishing activity. Its forward and reverse PDL drive makes it even easier to use. The boat is about 10’6  in length with a beam of 36″. of beam, can store 107 lbs of dry weight and has 450 lbs of passenger capacity. 

3. SunChaser Geneva 22 Fish

Fishing is an activity that you can enjoy  alone. You can go in a group of two or with the whole family. If you plan to enjoy your time fishing with your family, then you should go for the SunChaser Geneva 22 Fish. It has a vertical rod holder, four swiveling pedestal mount fishing seats, an electric trolling motor, a full bimini top, etc. These are some of its outstanding characteristics. You can also have crisp and clear views of fish in this boat. They make it suitable for family fishing. Other than this, the boat is 22’9″ in length with a beam of 102″, its dry weight capacity is 2,100 lbs, and it holds approximately 11 passengers. It has a 30 gallon fuel capacity and can run at a maximum power of 150 hp.

4. Starcraft, Superfisherman 186

If you are a professional fisherman and want to do some serious fishing activity, then you should choose the all-time favorite Starcraft Superfisherman 186. It has unique and unbeatable features. THese features make it the top choice for professional and amateur fishers alike. It has a stupendous interior space with a big walk-through window. It has a full vinyl cockpit and ample storage space. It is about 18 ‘7 “ long and has a beam of 100″. Its dry weight capacity is about 1,985 lbs. and it can hold around 9 passengers. Its fuel capacity is 30 gallons, which makes it possible for it to run at its maximum power of 200 hp.YOu can keep the boat in good shape for years with a marine-grade cover.

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5. Smoker’s Craft Pro Lodge 160

The next on the list is the Smoker Craft Pro Lodge 160. If you are looking for great fishing boats with style and comfort added to them, then your search ends at the Smoker Craft Pro Lodge 160, which has enjoyed the position of being the most desired fishing boat. You can enjoy features such as a flat vinyl floor, a swiveling and upholstered driver’s seat, swiveling and upholstered passenger seats, an integrated 26-gallon live well and storage, and so on if you purchase this masterpiece. The boat’s length is 16’6” and its beam is 82″. It can hold a dry weight of up to 995 lbs and up to 6 passengers. Its fuel capacity is 12 gsl and its maximum power is 60 hpp.

I hope you like the article. You can also check out other boats that are worth mentioning, like the Intex Excursion 5-Person Inflatable Boat. This boat’s best feature is its comfort and amazing design. For more detail about inflatable boats check HERE.