How to Attach the Snorkel to a Mask in 7 Simple Steps? Step by Step Guide

Snorkeling is always thought to be a less challenging activity than scuba diving. It requires less effort and may be learned quickly even by children and beginners. When it comes to underwater activities, each one has its own set of advantages. 

While it provides you with spectacular views of the world underwater, it also gives you a sense of security that you are not drowning in the abyss of the ocean and that the surface is always there to save you if you choke on your breath. Are you an underwater junkie? Check out these cool underwater scooters

However, you can only achieve the same goal if you know how to attach a snorkel to a mask. The primary challenge remains in the phase where you assemble the mask and the snorkeling tube, out of the three basic elements that make up a snorkel gear, namely the diving masksnorkel tube, and swimming fins. The most important aspect of staying comfortable underwater is being able to breathe properly.

If you’re continuously distracted by something unpleasant in your own body, it’s unlikely that you’ll appreciate the value in either participating in sports or admiring the beauty found beneath the waves. Have queries regarding How to Choose Boat Propellers? Check out our guide on Boat Propellers to know more about how to choose the right boat propeller with all the necessary info.

When you pull the snorkel out of your mouth or if it slips out accidentally, a snorkel mask will feature an attachment that will keep the snorkel connected to the mask. Attaching a snorkel to a mask ensures that your snorkel does not fall to the bottom of the sea while you snorkel, but it also requires connecting the two so that they work together properly. Check out the best snorkeling gear that boosts your experience!!

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Why does attaching the snorkel to a mask in the right way matter?

A snorkel and mask that are not properly connected can result in an ineffective or unsafe snorkelling experience. If your mask and snorkel fog up, you’ll need to clear them frequently while snorkelling to enjoy the experience at its best. This is why, before jumping into the water, you’ll need to make sure the snorkel is properly attached to the mask, which is why we’ve put together this step-by-step guide.

An integrated rubber or silicone ring that links to the mask’s strap, or a clip that is affixed to the mask’s strap, can be used to secure the snorkel. The technique for attaching a snorkel to a mask will be the same for each of these mechanisms. Looking for the Boat Fenders? Check out our Buyer’s Guide on Best Boat Fenders to know more.

Key Factors to Keep in Mind

A snorkel keeper clip or a silicone ring will secure your snorkel to your mask. Before you begin, make sure the snorkel keeper clip or ring is attached to the snorkel or mask. If you’re using a snorkel keeper clip, you’ll need to detach the mask’s strap and attach the snorkel keeper clip to the mask’s strap. Then, using the snorkel keeper clip attached to the side of the mask you picked, reattach the strap to the mask.

If you’re using a snorkel keeper ring, you’ll need to secure one end of the ring to the snorkel before you begin, leaving the other end free until you’re ready to secure the mask to the snorkel. 

Top 3 Snorkeling Gear

9Expert Score
Cressi Palau Snorkel Set - Best Overall Pick

Cressi is recognised for producing high-quality items, and the Cressi Palau Snorkel Set lives up to that reputation. One of the best characteristics of this mask is the incredibly comfortable and durable silicone skirt, which ensures that no leaks occur as the mask adjusts to your face's shape.

  • Complete set with mask, short-fins, and carry bag
  • 100% dry snorkel
  • A skirt edge to keep your mask leakproof
  • Rapid action buckle to adjust mask for a snug fit
  • The fins aren’t as wide as they should be.

8Expert Score
U.S. Divers Cozumel Seabreeze Snorkel Set - Best Budget Pick

If you're on a budget, the U.S. Divers Cozumel Seabreeze Snorkel Set is a great choice. It has a two-pane mask design that gives you superb visibility. The mask comes with straps that have a three-way buckle for a secure fit and easy use.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use the face mask
  • One-size-fits-all skirt that keeps the mask dry
  • Comes with a pair of closed-foot fins which are great for propulsion
  • You need to be careful to choose the right size snorkel fin because they aren’t adjustable
  • The snorkel is splash-proof as opposed to being the much better dry top option

8Expert Score
WildHorn Outfitters Seaview Snorkel Mask - Best Premium Pick

WildHorn Outfitters, another famous brand, has a long history of making some of the greatest full-face snorkel masks on the market today. The snorkel itself is equipped with WildHorn Outfitters' Flowtech air intake mechanism, which allows you to breathe normally without fogging up the mask.

  • Features the iconic Flowtech air intake system, which significantly reduces the chances of the mask fogging up
  • The mask has 2 chambers and 4 intake valves which promote excellent air circulation for a better experience
  • The camera mount is on the bottom of the mask
  • Made out of excellent quality material
  • The sizing can be problematic to get just right

How to Attach the Snorkel to a Mask? Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Put on the Mask

When attaching a snorkel to a mask, the first step is to put on the mask and secure it in place as if you were going snorkelling. This will show you exactly where the snorkel should be attached in order for it to be most effective.

Step 2: Put the Mouthpiece in Your Mouth

After that, you’ll put the snorkel’s mouthpiece into your mouth. Make sure the mouthpiece fits comfortably in your mouth, as this will keep the snorkel’s tube in the proper position when snorkeling. Are you searching for the best fish finders with GPS? Check out these from Garmin.

Step 3: Position the Snorkel Tube

Once the snorkel’s mouthpiece is firmly in your mouth, you’ll need to adjust the snorkel tube’s position so that it remains above the water for effective and safe breathing. The most critical step in ensuring the snorkel is properly attached to the tube is to place it in the precise position. This will ensure that the snorkel is in the optimum possible position for clear airways and dry snorkeling.

At your temple, the snorkel should run up along the side of your face. Divers must attach their snorkel to the left side of the mask, whereas snorkelers can place their snorkel on either the left or right side.

Step 4: Line Up the Strap and the Snorkel

It will need to be connected at the spot where the strap and the snorkel meet, so make sure that this location is correct. Take your fingers and feel where the strap and snorkel meet while the mask is still on. This is where the snorkel will connect to the mask, thus it must be accurate.

If you’re using a snorkel keeper clip, just slip it to the point where the snorkel and mask straps meet. This ensures that the snorkel is connected to the proper place and position for snorkeling. If you’re using a snorkel keeper ring, just slide it to the position where the snorkel and mask strap join to guarantee that the mask strap is properly connected to the snorkel.

Step 5: Remove the Mask

Carefully remove the mask while holding the snorkel and the mask together in your hand at the spot where they meet. The snorkel will be attached to the mask and snorkel at the spot where your hand is located. A ring or a clip may be used to attach the snorkel to the mask, but both mechanisms will require the same approach to ensure the mask and snorkel are properly linked. Are marine binoculars helpful in boating? Check out right away

Step 6: Connect the Snorkel

The snorkel will now be connected. If you’re using a snorkel keeper clip, just connect the snorkel to the keeper clip via the connectors on the two pieces. The snorkel keeper clip should have a quick-release button that allows the snorkel to be removed with only one touch.

If you’re using a snorkel keeper ring, you’ll have to put in a little more effort than simply joining two parts together to keep them in place. Instead, take the mask’s strap and place it against the snorkel to keep it in place just above the snorkel keeper ring.

Take the second ring that is free and pull it up to the top of the snorkel and down the tube of the snorkel right on top of the first ring while holding the strap against the snorkel. When you let go of the mask, the snorkel keeper ring should hold it in place and attach it to the snorkel.

If you follow the steps in this article, both the snorkel keeper clip and the snorkel keeper ring will be in the correct position, so you shouldn’t have to make any adjustments to the position of the snorkel keeper device or the snorkel or mask itself. 

Step 7: Test the Mask and Snorkel

Replace the mask and insert the snorkel’s mouthpiece into your mouth. As though you were snorkeling, move your head around a bit. The snorkel is properly fastened if it stays in place and the snorkel keeper clip does not come out. What are the best GPS systems for your boat? Read through to find out

Which is the Best Keeper Device: a Clip or a Ring?

Both types of snorkel keepers have upsides and downsides. We’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks of each so you can decide which way of securing the snorkel is best for you.

1. Snorkel Keeper Clip

A snorkel keeper clip connects the snorkel to the mask with a plastic clip.


  • It stays firmly in place.
  • Doesn’t slip
  • With the push of a button, the snorkel can be easily detached from the clip, allowing the clip to remain in position while only the snorkel is removed.


  • Its made of Plastic & can easily be broken

2. Snorkel Keeper Ring

A snorkel keeper ring is a two-sided silicone ring that goes through the snorkel tube and keeps the mask strap in between.


  • Almost indestructible
  • Simple to use
  • A fantastic alternative to using a snorkel keeper clip


  • Can easily become dislodged, requiring you to repeat the attaching process each time you use it.

Alternatives to a Separate Snorkel and Mask

Before each expedition, you may not always have time to attach a snorkel to a mask. While we recommend always fastening your snorkel to your mask, you can also consider a full face snorkel mask as an alternative to the snorkel + mask combo.

full-face snorkel mask is one that includes a snorkel built right into the mask. There is no need for a snorkel attachment because the snorkel is designed to be directly connected to the mask.

A full-face snorkel mask protects both your nose and mouth, allowing you to breathe freely in any direction. For beginners learning the basics of snorkeling, a full-face snorkel mask is advised because they won’t have to secure the snorkel to the mask or risk jaw fatigue while holding the mouthpiece in their mouth.

Final thoughts:

If you follow the appropriate techniques, attaching a snorkel to a mask is simple and effective. A snorkel keeper clip or ring can be used to secure the snorkel to a mask. As previously said, both ways have pros and cons, therefore the method you choose may be determined solely by the attachment mechanism provided in the snorkel mask set. Remember that if you have a snorkel keeper clip, you can always add a snorkel keeper ring to double up your snorkel attachment, and vice versa.

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