Six Questions About Pontoon Boat Changing Rooms

Describe a pop-up pontoon.

Similar to camping tents are pop-up restrooms. They expand as needed and collapse to occupy a tiny space, making them ideal for smaller pontoons. This GigaTent Pop-Up Pod (sold on Amazon) is a decently priced solution for a changing room. There is no mounting or installation required.

Have you ever found yourself in a predicament when a pontoon change room would have been useful?

How about the time you attempted to change behind two buddies who had already consumed a full bottle of wine and couldn’t stop laughing?

Was that effective for you? Because you assisted them in drinking the entire bottle of wine, you were likely either (A) mortified or (B) indifferent.

In either case, you should use your changing room for anything that needs privacy. The size and design set the tone for its use and will determine how much seclusion is offered.

While discussing factors to take into account and queries to pose to yourself before choosing your own, this guide can assist you in finding the ideal pontoon boat changing room. I’ll also briefly discuss three additional examples.

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2. Alpcour Portable Toilet – Compact Indoor & Outdoor Commode

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3. Taylormade 67867 Easy-Up Privacy Partition

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4. WolfWise Portable Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent Spacious Changing Room

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You could desire a change area on your pontoon for a variety of reasons. Some may have escaped your attention in the past.

  1. Getting Dressed: Anyone on board may want to change while you’re on your pontoon. Knowing you have a private location to retreat to rather than hiding behind friends is nice.
  2. Portable Toilet: A portable toilet is ideal for use in a changing room. This is especially true for extended outings or if you have young children. It’s always advantageous for gatherings. If they are concerned there won’t be a bathroom, some invited visitors might decide not to attend.
  3. Diaper Changing Area: While some parents think it’s important to change their children’s diapers in private, others don’t. A private changing room is a good choice if a passenger has a child in diapers, especially if it calls for more cleaning (or bathing!).
  4. Nursing: This is another ambiguous topic. While some women don’t mind nursing in public, others wouldn’t risk it. Mom and the baby can have plenty of privacy in a changing room.
  5. Sickness at sea: Have you ever experienced sickness in front of others? What an embarrassment! If you have a portable toilet in your changing area, passengers will have a place to use it if their motion sickness doesn’t go away after taking seasickness medication and until you can return to shore.

Before buying a pontoon changing room, answer these six questions.

1. How Big of a Change Room Do You Need?

Your pontoon’s size will determine this. Naturally, you may want to get a large one because you believe that the more space you have, the better. Although it’s definitely accurate, depending on how big your pontoon is, it might not be.

The dimensions and design of your pontoon’s deck must be taken into account. How can a changing room be conveniently included in your floor design without taking up too much room required for equipment like anchors, dock lines, and fenders? Determining the ideal location can help you choose the best type of changing room.

2. What Purposes Do You Have for Your Changing Room?

Will you only utilize the changing room for that purpose, or do you have any plans to install a simple portable bathroom? Will there be a place to hide from the pouring rain? If so, how many people must be able to fit inside?

Consider all of your requirements before deciding on the type and size you require. Take into account any pontoon accessories you might wish to store in your changing area.

3. What is your financial situation?

What is affordable? You should be able to locate one that fits your budget thanks to the market’s countless options. And keep in mind that you can always update later unless your pontoon has a unique change room built into it.

4. What Weather Conditions Must You Take into Account?

You must take into account any environmental elements that could weaken a changing room. Do you regularly go boating or reside in a region with strong winds? If so, you should think about the installation method and durability of your changing room. It should be able to resist the regular weather in your region.

5. Do You Worry About Safety?

Think about safety measures before purchasing if you have young children utilising your changing area. Thoroughly read all labels and packing. To determine safety, look at the zippers, hooks, and hardware. Make a call to the maker with your inquiries. Verify that there haven’t been any complaints or safety recalls.

6. In what area is it best to be?

The location of your changing room is something else to take into account. Depending on your requirements and the installation instructions, where should you put it? Decide if the model you choose offers sufficient privacy for your requirements.

You might have a family member who must always have access to a restroom nearby. It would be a great shame if they were afraid of having to leave and having to hold it until you got home, so they couldn’t come out for a joyride.

Last Words:

I’m not just referring to those in wheelchairs, those with serious medical conditions, or those who are crippled. This may also apply to older family members, visitors, or even new mothers. Don’t allow grandpa’s pride to prevent him from taking his grandchildren fishing.

Children can use it much more easily because it functions exactly like residential toilets at home. Simply fill the top unit with fresh water, activate the pump to dispense some water into the bowl, conduct your business, and then pull the lever handle to activate the valve that allows water to flush into the lower unit.

Like boat insurance, a boat bathroom is something you never need until you do.