Ultimate Pontoon Boat Seats for 2021 – Buying Guide

Pontoon seats are one of the essential parts of your boat, though they can be very costly. You must have the best Pontoon seat for your boat. That is why it is necessary to do proper and meaningful research buying any pontoon seat.

pontoon boat seats

Everyone always wants to ensure that they are getting the more from their money. There are a lot of crappy and substandard seats which promise to be of the highest quality and up to the standard, but when you receive them, they fail to provide what they promised.


You might also just be looking for some pontoon boat seat replacement instead of buying a complete set. It might be because your seats have been torn up and need replacing, or perhaps you just want a change from the regular monotonous look and want to upgrade your current pontoon seats.

Then you have landed at the best page over the internet. This guide is going to save a lot of time of yours because our team has spent hours of their time and used their years of experience to compile a list of the best pontoon boat seats in the market. We are reviewing each of them and comparing them with the others, and you will get complete insight and an idea about which Pontoon boat seat is suitable for you.

Best Pontoon Boat Seats:

1. Wise Pontoon Boat Seats and Furniture:

It has been around 50 years, the Wise company is in business and established as one of the best sellers in the segment of Pontoon boat seats and furniture for the boat.
Pontoon Boat Seats

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The company Wise was founded in 1961 by Charles W. Wise while he used to work in seat manufacturing assemblies, golf carts, farm equipment, pleasure fishing boats, and various similar products.

According to them, they are the biggest manufacturer of pleasure boat seats in the US, and the world’s leading supplier of all types of seating. They offer a wide range of other domains products, for example, industrial, outdoor, golf, and marine products.

2. Wise Premier Series Pontoon 27-inches Bench Seat

It is one of the most appreciated and demanding Pontoon seats by the Wise company. It is one of my favorites also. It is one of the highest quality seats you can have in a very affordable deal.

It is available in multiple colors, allowing you to customize your boat exactly how you like to do. It can also be purchased with an armrest for all sides, and with the corner and captain seat.
Pontoon Boat Seats

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Its frame is available in plastic, which means there is no chance of metal corrosion and wood-rotting over the period. It is sturdy, durable, and does its job well. It comes with the seat of 18 inches seating depth so you can expect to sink into the bench a fair bit. Its overall height is 30 inches and length 27 inches.

It has a very optimal dimension with a base footprint of 27” x 19” x 11”. The things I like most about this fabulous Pontoon bench seat are that it is sun, rain, and mold resistant, it has an exquisite design and unique style.

It is one of the best-rated products on the e-commerce website with rating 4.5 stars out of 5 stars, and you can purchase it from online retailer Amazon and delivered straight to your doorstep in no time for an affordable price.

3. Wise Premier Series Pontoon Captains Bucket Seat

Over the years, the company Wise Premier has earned the loyalty of boaters, anglers, and hunters to buy their premium and dedicated services. They are very loyal to their customer and provides excellent customer support that is very fast and responsive. Apart from its previously mentioned pontoon boat seat, it has another epic product in its series, which is Captian Bucket Seat.
Pontoon Boat Seats

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Wise Premier Series Pontoon Captains Bucket Seats are sturdy and elegant. They are perfect in comfort and made up of high quality of frame and durable material. The seat frame is available in of high impact plastic, and it has comfortable high compression foam padding. Its covering is available in sturdy vinyl, and It is also Ultraviolet and mildew resistant.

It has ample dimensions of the seat to provide plenty of lounging space. It also comes with various elegant colors. You can get a variety of positions and accessories from the e-commerce website amazon.com. You can have an excellent deal and get your delivery on the doorstep over the globe.

4. DeckMate Classic Pontoon Boat Seats

There is another excellent pontoon boat seat by the company DeckMate. It is a renowned brand and well known for its boat seats and accessories. They make all sorts of different pontoon boat seats. You will be amazed to see that they do offer matching corner seats too.

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This seat provides outstanding value, comfort, and a great experience. You for-sure get your money worth when you purchase this seat, and also, this is one of my preferred seats after the Wise Premier Series, which I previously mentioned. They are very comfortable and relaxing. Each form cushion is built by a mix of dense and soft foam to provide you with convenient support and luxury feeling.

Just like the Wise Premier Series seats, this also has a frame made up of 100% plastic, which prevents the risk of metal corrosion and rotting wood. The seat backrest bolts down to provide a fully enclosed plastic base and seat cushion hinges in place no matter how you sit on it.

It comes with three years of PontoonStuff warranty and lifetime warranty on the frames. Indeed you’re getting a great deal with this warranty. However, I’d recommend that you read their warranty TOS to identify what exactly their warranty covers and satisfy yourself, as self-satisfaction is always prime.

DeckMate promises that their pontoon seats will last longer under tight and consistent use over a long time. You can have a great deal on the amazon.com e-commerce website. It has been rated 5 out of 5 stars one of the best ratings over there.

5. Lippert Component

Lippert is a well known and reputed brand which manufactures marine products and goods. They also make electronics goods, furniture, appliances, and much more. It is a great brand, and I have never had any issues with their products and services.

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They have a wide range of pontoon bench seats, with prices depending on the size. All of their seats are available in marine-grade vinyl, which is Ultraviolet ray resistant, mildew, and mold resistant. They use durable stainless steel frames in their manufacturing, which makes a sturdy and robust bench that should last you many years.

This Lippert Component also features a large dry storage area with drainage channels as well as corrosion-resistant fasteners. These features will not only keep the bench safe, but they are also useful for keeping your pontoon boat flooring in good health.

It is available on the e-commerce website Amazon, in three different monochromatic colors, in white, grey, and beige. It allows you to customize the look of the interior of boats.

6. DeckMate Classic Swingback Pontoon Seats

It is just another marvel boat seat product from DeckMate, and it has enough reservoir that doubles as a pontoon seat. All you need is just flip the back. It is available in the trademark 30 Oz viny and protective coating that keeps it in good condition for an extended period.

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It can be used as a storage depot for dry food, like a cooler or just as an option for extra storage. It is light weighted, and you can put it anywhere you wish. It has a height of 33” and measures about 33” x 17”, with beautiful structure. You can comfortably get rid of any extra residual water later on.

The unique selling property of this seat is that it is small and compact. It is easily movable and made from premium marine grade vinyl and resistant to ultraviolet light rays and corrosion. The frame is entirely available in plastic, so it would not rust or rot.

7. Leader Accessories Pontoon Captains Bucket Seat

The Leader Accessories Pontoon Captian Bucket Seat, as the name suggests, is for captain seat. It is one of the best pontoon boat seats. It has an excellent design, perfect finishing, and it comes in several styles and designs so it can easily fit in your setup and personal space preferences.
Pontoon Boat Seats

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It has a very optimal and relevant dimension with the approximate size of 20”x 20” x 22”. It is available in high impact injection molded plastic frame. Hence it has higher strength than other seats, and the padding is push foam covered by marine-grade vinyl, which provides comfort and brings your experience of captainship to the next level.

The best part of this captain’s bucket seat is that it is very moderately priced. It is compact and elegant in a design capable of being easily fit in the boat. It comes in several colors so it can match with the existing seat and decoration of your yacht. It is available on amazon.com, and it is one of the best-rated products in this segment with 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

8. Leader Accessories Pontoon Captain’s Bucket Seat White/Taupe

It is one of the models of Pontoon Captain’s bucket seats discussed above. It is a little bit wider than the previous captain seat, with approximate dimensions of 22” x 22” x 24”. It has a different design than the previous one. It comprises of more flowing lines and a dual-color of white and taupe.

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On the parameter of strength, it is just as similar to the last one. It is available in high impact injection molded plastic frame, which makes it sturdy and dynamic. It has plush foam padding covered with heavy-duty marine-grade vinyl, which provides it with the strength of resistance against Ultraviolet Light rays and extreme weather.

It has a stylish design and contrasting tones. It is small in size, compact in nature, and easy to place anywhere in the boat. It has a standard 5” x 12” mounting bolt pattern. You can purchase it from the Amazon store. Buy on Amazon:

9. Seamander S1040 series Premier Pontoon Furniture Bucket Seat or Captain Seat

Over the year, Seamander’s products have acquired the knowledge, experience, and inventory capability to be a new flag holder in the market of marine products and pontoon seats. They can offer the products at the best prices in the industry. With their trained technician and dedicated sales staff, they are expanding their reach day by day.

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Seamander’s S1040 series Premier Pontoon seats are made from marine grade soft-touch vinyl loaded with UV and mildew inhibitors. It has a dimension of 19.7” x22.2” x21.7 with a mounting bolt pattern of 5”x 5”x12” size. It has a frame of the high-density plastic rotational molded frame, and it comes in various color ranges red, blue, white, and grey. You can buy this product from the e-commerce website amazon.com.

10. Wise 8WD707P-1-Deluxe Lounge Seat

It is one of the best products of the Premier Wise company. I have always been a fan of the Wise company, its products, and its services. They are the real master of the class of pontoon boat seats, literally. Wise 8WD707P-1-Deluxe Lounge seat is one of the mega marvels of the Wise company.

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It comes with a 10” base, which is a sufficient and bold size for a lounge. It has classic features and looks and suits all types of boats. It is available in an injection-molded plastic frame, which provides its immense strength to survive harsh conditions of the seas. It has lift seat cushion for underneath storage compartment and also high compression contoured foam padding design. Marine-grade 26 Oz vinyl with UV is used, which makes it resistant to mildew and rust.

It has the dimension of height 28”, width 17.5”, seat depth 14.5’, upright length 45.5”, extended distance 64.5”, with a base dimension of 10”x 14.5”x 36.5”.

11. Wise 8WD015-5-710 Standard Pilot chair

It is also a great product by the renowned company Wise. It is a pilot chair with an adjustable height pedestal and seat slide. Some of its basic features are, it is available in roto-molded, high impact marine grade plastic external frame. Hence it is rust and corrosion-resistant.

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It comes with snap-on-cushions with compression foam padding and has been UV treated and mildew resistant. Heavy-duty 28Oz grade vinyl is in it. It has the dimension of 18.24”x 17.75”x22.5”.

It also has a pedestal that can adjust its height from 12” to 18”. Its stand has a thick wall of 27/8 polished anodized aluminum post. The before and after slide mount allows the seat to travel and adjust. It can rotate in 360 degrees direction.

It is available on the e-commerce platform amazon.com. You can order it easily can get delivered at your doorstep quickly.

What to Look in a Replacement Pontoon Seat?

Make sure you are buying the best in the market, and the seats that would give you the most value. You should consider these points.

Pontoon Boat Seats


First impressions are mighty. There is also a saying that the first impression is the last, so you make a choice based on looks. All the things that we use should perform well and look good and must be aesthetically soothing, especially the ones we’re always around.

It becomes even more critical if that object has a decorative aspect and some meditative dimension. Designers who balance form and function always try to make products that are good from inside and out. I’ve seen it so many times, and now it’s my solid belief that aesthetics matters.


Some of the pontoon furniture manufacturers only focus on one type of seat, like a captain’s seat, for example. At the same time, other manufacturers use to make a whole range of chairs.

The variety offered in the pontoon seats allows you to mix and match your set up, as per your convenience, and you can fit the furniture neatly in the space. Being forced to purchase any quality of furniture shouldn’t be a choice. You should not compromise with any of the parameters, and the same applies to colors, sizes, and materials.

Always look for a company that is very much passionate about this business, and they have sufficient experience to offer you what you need and more.


You might already know that the material used for marine upholstery is very different from that used for the sofa inside your living room, and that covering on your garden set.

It should be durable, easy to relocate, easy to clean, waterproof, easy to handle, and it should withstand the rough side of the elements.

Here are some of the materials suitable for the perfect pontoon seats:


It is one of the oldest materials used in covering boating furniture. It is because of its affordable cost and general toughness, which gives it cutting edge over others.

In recent times, vinyl has changed its characteristics a little. Vinyl now comes with an extra protective layer that extends its lifespan and keeps the harsh weather effect at bay and provides additional strength.

It comes in various colors nowadays, so you can have a broader spectrum of colors to choose from. It also developed into different finishes that make it look more stylish and modern and eye-catchy.


It is a very direly needed and lovely material for a pontoon seat. It provides a boat its waterproof, sunproof, strong character, and it can be stylized to look like canvas.

Additional coatings can make it anti-static and anti-bacterial, which is one of the demanded features nowadays. It provides resistance to friction and fire. This aspect has a very high value on a boat, and many times it has been proved as a life savior.


Mesh fabric is a protection cover for your pontoon seats. It’s a bit unusual though you should prefer it. It is because it is not fully waterproof, but it helps in drying up very quickly.

Mesh fabric is a derivative of Poly Vinyl Carbonyl (PVC), a type of polymer. As a flexible material, it comes in many colors and textures, and anyone can mold them into different designs.


The best-case scenario you might experience is getting pontoon seats that’d be easy to install, without any requirement of external assistance or require little professional help, and delivered with all necessary assembly parts. They can be easily removed if needed.


One of the foremost factors that many customers look for is the proper budgeting of your renovation and satisfying results. Therefore it is of utmost importance to compare the listed price of the seats, but also note the not so clear expenses that might be needed.

You always have to manage your choices as per your budget and requirement, for example, suppose some seats have the option of an added cup holder, but it’s not in the listed price. Then you have to figure out a shared path, or you may explore all the other available possibilities as well.

But there is one point that you should always keep in mind that higher prices do not always reflect the quality of the products. Sometimes you can have the best product at the very negotiating price. Therefore you should always look for other products available in the segment too.


Every renowned and good company’s products often come with warranty agreements of two years and more. If a company stands by what it made, that’s a good sign, and you can choose the products of this company.

So, in short, you should always look for some of the following mentioned question to yourself and the product seller before buying any pontoon seats;

  • Of what material is it made?
  • What would be its durability?
  • Would it be comfortable to sit?
  • How much will it cost?
  • What about the warranty on the product?
  • How long does the warranty will last?
  • What is the brand of the product?

These questions will undoubtedly help you to evaluate the quality of the seat and give you an idea of how much value for money you are getting.


So this is all about Pontoon boat seats. We hope this guide will help you to make a better decision when you decide to buy pontoon seats for your yacht or boat. All these are the well-renowned brand and serving best pontoon boat seat replacement in the industry for years.