Why a Bathroom Is Essential For Your Pontoon Boat


Many of us simply choose to jump into the ocean when nature calls (sometimes frowned upon). However, this raises the second query (absolutely, positively frowned upon).

So the need is clear, yet we continue to go on boat rides believing that we can just wait till we get home or to our neighborhood marina later.

There is a legitimate argument for maintaining a portable toilet on your pontoon, even though not everyone has one. You may wish to think about a portable toilet for a variety of reasons. Here are a few that I think are the most significant.

Young Children:

It always works. The children begin to wriggle when you are in the middle of a lake. It’s all clear to you.

If you work with small kids, you are aware of how unpredictable their toilet breaks can be. Naturally, you usually advise them to relieve themselves at home or at the marina before you depart, but between remaining hydrated and perhaps downing a few too many sodas, surprises are unavoidable. Have your children ever followed your instructions to use the restroom when you told them to? If they have, congrats!

Of course, this also applies to adults and older children. Even grownups are aware of the importance of staying hydrated when in the sun and on the water. Adults may simply be consuming a variety of beverages.

Large Water Bodies:

On larger lakes and bodies of water, you may travel for kilometers without seeing any land. In situations like this, it might be necessary to have a portable toilet on board.

Even with dry land nearby, if you frequently camp on your boat, you might not be too fond of the trowel and squat technique.

When you don’t want to venture into the woods in the middle of the night with just a flashlight, a portable toilet can also be useful.

How to Install a Practical Bathroom in a Pontoon Boat:

Unexpectedly, there are numerous options available for portable toilets. There is a throne type for everyone these days, thanks to the multitude of leisure pursuits and modes of transportation we take part in, such as RVing and road vacations, camping, and boating.

Additionally, composting toilets are an alternative. Here is a list of portal potties that I have found to be more appropriate for sailing.

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1. Camco:

5.3 litres of wastewater and 2.5 gallons of fresh water.

Dimensions: 16.38″H x 13.75″W x 16.13″D overall

11 and a half pounds (with empty tanks).

This portable toilet has a bellows-style flush and is standard-sized, meaning it is the same size as a typical home toilet.

A removable cap on the tank’s upper half allows you to add fresh water to the flush tank. Water is flushed into the tank by the bellows pump in order to remove waste.

Cleaning Procedure: Side latches hold the upper freshwater tank and the lower sewage tank together. The waste tank’s cap, located on the back, can be taken off to be emptied.

The slide valve on this toilet, which seals in odours and guards against leaks, is a pleasant added feature.

It comes with a 30-day labour warranty and a limited one-year warranty on the parts.

The Camco TST Orange Drop-In samples that are included with your order can be replaced by clicking the link under Chemical Cleaners below.

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2. Portable Toilet for a Party:

Fresh Water Holding Tank Price on Amazon: 2.6 or 5.3 Gallons

Size overall: 14″H x 16″W Weight: Unknown, although I’d say it’s about 9 lbs.

Using a flush pump lever and flush spout, new water is added to the bowl from a reservoir as waste is expelled.

The leak-free construction of our Party Saving toilet makes waste removal comparatively easy and hygienic. Solids and liquids are contained until disposal by a detachable screw cap that creates a tight seal. The holding tank can be removed.

Since it is composed of high-density polyethylene, durability should be excellent. Use the waste lever to close off anything in the holding tank.

It will feel smaller than the toilet at home because it isn’t a full-sized toilet seat.

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3. Palm Springs Outdoor Toilet:

Check out Amazon Holdings for price. Overall Dimensions: 16.5″H x 13.5″W x 12″D Tank: 3 gallons of fresh water, 5 gallons of waste water

Weight: 9.75 pounds (with empty tanks).

This portable toilet flushes just like a regular toilet because it is full-sized. Children can use it much more easily because it functions exactly like residential toilets at home.

Simply fill the top unit with fresh water, activate the pump to dispense some water into the bowl, conduct your business, and then pull the lever handle to activate the valve that allows water to flush into the lower unit. It is delivered to your home already assembled and prepared for usage (pun intended).

Cleaning Procedure Transfer the unit’s bottom half to a dump station while removing the top, fresh water portion for cleaning.

Additional features include a built-in handle for easy transportation to and from the boat. To avoid and hide scratches, it is built of high-density polyethylene with a matte finish. The one-piece construction shows no signs of leaking. The tanks are locked together by robust side latches.

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4. Porta Potti White Thetford Corp:

Check out Amazon Holdings for price. Overall Dimensions: 17…”H x 1514″W x 1734″D Tank: 4 gallons of fresh water, 5.5 gallons of waste water

Weight: ten pounds (with tanks empty)

The average number of flushes on this toilet is 56, which is ideal for prolonged excursions. The flushing procedure appears to involve two steps. You start by releasing the handle. You then pump a bellow. It could take some effort to follow this order or to teach younger children to remember it (particularly if it is used infrequently).

It has a simple pour-out spout that pivots for emptying. As with conventional devices, you merely remove the cap and hose or pour new water through the valve.

Although Thetford produces a number of conventional types, this portable toilet is the most stylish I’ve yet to see. It features a larger bowl than most portables and the typical comfortable seat height we’re used to at home.

With its concealed battery-powered flush controls and holding tank level indicators for both the fresh water and waste tanks, it is a little more sophisticated. Even a concealed toilet paper holder is included (which could be an ingenious idea for keeping paper dry on a boat if you think about it).

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Use boat bathroom accessories to keep your pontoon clean.

Biological Toilet Paper:

It’s safe to use and won’t clog your tank when you need to empty it to use compostable or biodegradable toilet paper.

The RV and boat toilet paper from Better Boat is soft, thick, and swiftly degrades. It degrades more quickly than typical tissue and is completely biodegradable.

No one wants to use a wet tissue while you’re on a boat. To keep it dry, I suggest using a straightforward DIY storage container (such as a clean, dry coffee can).

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TST Drop-In treatments are included with the Camco portable restroom. These should be fine for all of the aforementioned restrooms, in my opinion. They’ll be excellent at masking any odours with their citrus scent. You can be certain that you are not endangering your lovely lakes or oceans because they are completely safe for the environment.

Better Boat cleaning wipes work well for the important task of cleaning the actual bathroom. They also aid in avoiding cracking. This multi-purpose item is secure for use with upholstery, vinyl, plastic, and more. You’re finished once you give it a quick wipe. That aroma of fresh lemon can’t be surpassed!


A portable deodorizer like the Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray can be useful to bring along. Carry a tiny liquid (not air-compressed) bottle for spritzing that won’t take up much space and that you may replenish as needed.


You could find that taking a trip on your pontoon boat can help you to unwind and spend quality time with your loved ones. However, having to choose between number 1 and number 2 when in the middle of the sea can make your vacation less enjoyable.

You may easily solve this issue even if your pontoon boat does not have a designated bathroom area. If there is room, you should build a change room or a private shelter. In the absence of that, you might erect a Bimini curtain to provide room for your portable toilet.